The Past 2 Weeks and Upcoming…

The past two weeks have honestly gone by in a blur, but a lot happened! After returning from San Francisco, I spun at one of my Friday residencies called Wara Wara in Annandale, VA. Its a chill Korean-American Restaurant/Bar with a fairly new DJ booth and sound system that packs a mean punch! I always enjoy playing here not only because it’s laid back, but I can revisit a lot of older and classic tunes that I’m not usually able to play at the bottle service clubs in DC and it also always me to test out some “on-the-fence” tracks to see how I can fit them in my future club sets. The staff there also treats me like family, so I can’t really complain about anything.

The following Saturday, I spun at District Nightclub with my homie DJ Ross Anderson opening for me. Another dope night, this one even crazier than previous shows, and honestly, I’m not really sure why, but we were both ON POINT with our song selection for the night and the alcohol was mystifyingly (is that a real word?) flowing towards unsafe levels of inebriation by the end of the night. After my set, THE HANDSMITHS and I hopped over to a nearby club with a secret after-hours party and I can’t remember the rest. lol

The following week, I had a rare Friday off and was able to see one of my DJ’s play at the party I book DJs for. A long time and respected veteran, DJ Lickashot was killin it at Temple Lounge in Arlington to my ears pleasure. For the record, this man’s tradition is to spin dope beats while taking shots of hot sake all night long. HA

Saturday was another epic night at District opening for my good homie DJ Phlipz! I dropped one of the most interesting sets I’ve ever played in front of a bottle service crowd and it just seemed to work during that opening hour. What songs did I drop you ask? Some Whitney, LL Cool J, Next, Bel Biv Devoe, Skee-Lo, Digital Underground, Hanson, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Lipps, Edwin Star, bon Jovi, Run DMC, Queen…I was all over the place!! And it was hella fun! Phlipz rocked the HOUSE at District while I hopped over to see DJ Crooked from Las Vegas in action. The man can kill it on the mic just as well as he kills it on the decks!

This Thursday, I’ll be heading to LA for a lil vacay time with two homies and on Saturday I’m DJing a good friends wedding in Pasadena at a private estate. Sunday, I’ll be at the Staples Center watching the Lakers go at it against the Heat in the afternoon, and then I’ll be on a plane to party one night in Vegas and get some gear from DJ Crooked’s store, KNYEW, and DJ Vice’s store, CRSVR.

Thats all folks! Hopefully I’ll be finished with EPX PODCAST 5 before I head to LA! Stay tuned!



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