Weekend Recap & Birthday Weekend

Happy New Years #TeamEPX! I’m sorry for the delinquent post! I’ve been extremely busy having family over from all over the country and haven’t had much time to put out a new mix or such but allow me to give you guys a quick recap!

The New Years’ parties for me started on Friday, December 30, at Current/Rosebar in WDC. It was expected to be a slow night given the fact it was the night before NYE but it turned out to be a banger! Thank you to Ross Anderson for the dope opening set and shoutout to DJ Yez and Damien Daniel for killing it at Rosebar.

Next up was a massive NYE lineup: Opening Set at District Nightclub, filling 800+ people in a 500 person club, and then hustling over to K Street Lounge who also successfully PACKED their HOUSE to bring in the New Years! Shoutout to Z. Ali for the holding it down on the opening set until I got there. Lots of energy and champagne flowing! Dom Perignon tastes good =P

I will also be hosting my birthday party, fittingly entitled the “EPICLY EPIC DJ EPX Birthday Bash,” this Saturday at District Nightclub! PATRON SHOTS FOR ALL! It should be a CRAZY night! Once again, DJ Ross Anderson will be opening for me and covering for my ass if I get too sloppy on the decks. Its good to appoint a “DD” sometimes…Designated DJ that is.



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